Playing water games 9 Square in the Air

It’s hot. It’s a busy summer, every week of your calendar is highlighted with camps, mission trips and service projects. How can you plan youth group games that will keep everyone cool, engaged and connected?

The easy answer: just add water to 9 Square in the Air. Here are a few ideas to make your youth group games entertaining while creating great memories:

Water Balloon Toss Meets 9 Square in the Air:

When you play 9 Square in the Air, hitting the ball is all fun. This version keeps all the fun but adds a bit of suspense as you toss a water balloon and try not to be the one to burst it! 

For a variation, have a bucket of water balloons, but fill some with colored water. Have your youth arrive in light colored t-shirts and see who goes home with the most colorful shirt.

Misty Madness:

Position a few misters around your 9 Square in the Air game, especially if you’re playing in full sun or on one of those triple-digit heat days.

Sprinkler Spots:

Position sprinklers so that they are coming up from under the players. Mix up the types and strength of the water flow so that players have the added challenges of unexpected blasts of water as they play.

Bucket Squares:

Place a bucket of water at each square, requiring players to dunk their hands before each round. Not only will it keep their hands cool, nobody will mind if a little splashing comes into the game.

Soaked Ball:

Submerge the ball before the game, allowing it to fill with water. The different dynamic of playing with a heavier ball plus the gradual seeping out of the water will mix up your 9 Square in the Air game!

Sideline Squirts:

Give each of those waiting in line a squirt gun or super soaker. Have them alternate between squirting all players randomly versus everyone concentrating their streams of water on a particular square. When it’s time to reenter the game, that player relinquishes their squirt gun to the player that just got “out.” 

Bucket Bomb:

Play music as your youth participate in the game. Every few minutes, randomly stop the music, and the person in the designated bucket square gets a bucket of water dumped on them. Anyone who stays dry the whole game gets a candy prize.

For variation, have your youth group leaders line up next to the game. Each youth designates their representative youth leader. When that youth player gets “out” their youth leader gets a bucket of water dumped on their head.

Sponge Soaker:

In addition to the regular 9 Square in the Air ball, have a soaked sponge that’s being tossed by the players. Whoever drops it has to load it up with water again, all while playing the game. Have buckets positioned around the game so that players can easily load up the sponge with water.  

Ready to make planning youth group games easy? Begin by ordering 9 Square in the Air! Then have fun all summer long when you just add water. Contact us to get your order started