Looking for the perfect group games for teens? 9 Square in the Air is uniquely designed to build connections.

Much More Than Fun: Why You Should Invest in Group Games for Teens 

When you watch kids play, there’s much more happening than just fun. There are opportunities for cooperation and communication. The same is true at any age, even in group games for teens. 

9 Square in the Air is the ideal example of a group game for teens that offers so much more than competition and fun. Don’t tell the kids, but they’re learning a lot while they play. Here are a few ways to think about 9 Square in the Air as more than a game.

Think of 9 Square in the Air…

As an Icebreaker:

When a group of teens come together that don’t know one another, a common approach is an icebreaker activity. Many of these are word-based, initiated with teens staring awkwardly at one another until forced to begin the activity. 9 Square in the Air offers an alternative: a way to quickly get comfortable with a group and expel some nervous energy through play. Before long, teens are laughing and talking with one another because the attention is on the game, rather than any one teen feeling that they are in the hot seat. 

As a Friendship-Building Tool:

When you play a lot of group games for teens, there’s some pressure to be awesome. For kids that aren’t so athletically inclined, game time comes with apprehension. 9 Square in the Air is a great equalizer, allowing kids of all levels of ability to participate, removing the social stress that comes with some group games. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 9 Square in the Air is designed to build connections. There’s no lengthy time where kids are “out.” Instead, they quickly rotate through the line to get back in the game and can stay engaged with the fun while they are in line. As kids both in the squares and in line laugh together, connections are happening.

As a Vehicle for Trust:

Unlike a lot of other group games for teens, 9 Square in the Air is easy for teens and adults to play together. Play is essential for building trust in relationships, and 9 Square in the Air is the ideal way to build up your teens with encouragement and fun. When teens see that the adults in their group can be trusted to play games with integrity, never calling out a teen for a “bad” move or ridiculing anyone, they begin to think that this adult may be someone they can trust with a better connection.

As Your Go-To Game:

If you want to build connections with teens, you need 9 Square in the Air. Contact us to make 9 Square in the Air one of your go-to group games for teens and you’ll quickly see connections grow and deepen while everyone has a lot of fun.