Multiple 9 Square in the Air games being played at the same time.

9 Square in the Air is the best part of every great party, but you don’t need to wait for a one-time event to play 9 Square in the Air. You just need a summer league, and with the following ideas, you’ll likely soon have a waiting list to join!

Beach Bash:

Kick off summer league with a 9 Square in the Air beach party. Invite players to wear Hawaiian shirts, board shorts and their coolest pair of shades. Set up your game surrounded by a few palm trees and beach balls, along with some tropical decorations. Give everyone a lei as they arrive so everyone feels festive.

Superhero Showdown:

Teams dress as their favorite superheroes or create their own. Alternatively, you could have a Marvel versus DC tournament and see which universe comes out on top!

Sports Fan League:

Players wear jerseys, hats and colors for their favorite team. Smack-talk and rivalries welcome.

Color Fight:

Assign teams a specific color to wear on the day of the 9 Square in the Air games. Attach a long piece of crepe paper in that color to each shoulder of your players. As they play, opponents attempt to snatch their crepe paper from their shoulders. The team with the most untouched crepe paper streamers wins!


Ask your players to arrive at this special nighttime edition 9 Square in the Air summer league in white or neon clothing. Add elements to your game that use neon tape, neon paint and lights. If you want to really get into the theme, check out 9 Square in the Air’s NEON Deluxe Game!


Dress for Your Decade:

This works best if your 9 Square in the Air league includes a range of ages among your players. Ask each player to come dressed for the decade they were born in or wear a white t-shirt with the year they were born proudly displayed in permanent marker. You might be surprised to find that the win doesn’t always correspond with age when you play 9 Square in the Air! 

Don’t spend your summer listlessly tossing a rubber ball in your front yard, longing for someone to invite you to a party where 9 Square in the Air is being played. Start your summer league and start a tradition you and your friends will love!

To get a league started, your first step is ordering a 9 Square in the Air set. Contact us today, and you’ll be having fun all summer long!