Summer Olympics at Camp Start With 9 Square in the Air

Your summer camp needs a new twist, and since it’s 2024, why not plan a Summer Olympics? Whether your campers are obsessed with the games in Paris or have no idea what the difference is between rugby and handball (okay, maybe a lot of us don’t know), they will have a fantastic summer camp experience when you include 9 Square in the Air in your Summer Olympics. 

Try one of these suggestions to get your ideas rolling:

Obstacle Course:

This is a good way to move a lot of kids through a set of activities. With an obstacle course, campers get to try a variety of skills, like crawling, climbing and jumping to get to their finish line. You can include a variety of elements, such as inflatables, a water gauntlet, tunnels and more. It’s a great approach because most kids aren’t skilled at every area but they will likely be skilled in at least some, allowing everyone a chance to have a good time. 

When kids finish the course, filter them over to the 9 Square in the Air game, a perfect ending to a bunch of varying obstacles.

Water Games:

Organize your Summer Olympics on the hottest day of summer and plan to incorporate water at every event. Set up many different stations, all with sprinklers or squirt guns included. 9 Square in the Air, water balloon toss, dunking booths, capture the flag with sprinklers, “paint” ball with colored water…the options are endless for keeping cool with water.

Relay Races:

Break your campers into teams and have them compete in a variety of Olympic-themed relay races. They could try swimming relays in the lake or pool, gymnastics relays with balance beams, putting relays with a golf ball and club and basketball relays where they race to dribble in and out of a set of cones. The possibilities are endless. 

Finish your relay races with the ultimate summer game that everyone can play and everyone loves: 9 Square in the Air. 

Parade of Nations:

Invite your campers to choose a country to represent in your Summer Olympics. They can use crepe paper, face paint or whatever items the craft room is willing to make available to show off the country they would like to represent. Then have your campers file in with grandiose music playing before they jump in to play in 9 Square in the Air. It will be fun; it will be a little silly; and it will be memorable!

Are you planning this year’s summer camp? Contact 9 Square in the Air to get set for your camp. It’s great for planned activities, for icebreakers and for fillers when you need to occupy campers for a few minutes. Don’t go another summer without it!