Camp activities get livelier when kids are celebrating theme days throughout the week.

When it’s cold outside, it may feel completely unnatural to start thinking about camp. But do you know who definitely has camp on their minds? Your campers, of course. If you’ve done a good job of creating a memorable, unique experience, your campers are frequently thinking about their time at your camp and anticipating next summer.

If you suspect that your camp may not be the one on kids’ minds, or you’ve noticed that when kids are on site, you are constantly being compared to another camp, it may be time to mix things up a bit. A good place to begin is by ordering the 9 Square in the Air game. Here’s why:

  • It naturally fosters connections, so it’s a great ice breaker when campers arrive.
  • It makes a fantastic filler when you have ten minutes to kill between activities.
  • All ages and skill levels can play together.
  • It’s easy to learn, so you spend little-to-no time giving instructions.

Once you’ve got your 9 Square in the Air, take your camp activities a step further by introducing theme days. Take a look at some ideas:

Monday Movie Character Madness:

Tell campers to dress up as their favorite movie character and then stay in character all day long. When you play 9 Square in the Air, remind them to behave as their character would. They might even choose a character with a great signature line perfect for the game. Buzz Lightyear would be convinced the ball would go to “infinity and beyond” every time he hit it. 

Time Travel Tuesday:

There’s no limit to Encourage campers to go back in time and choose a favorite decade. They can spend the day playing games from their era and when it’s time to play 9 Square in the Air you can line them up by their artificial age to join the game. types of relay races you could do during a winter recess. From crab walking down a length of your gym to having students race to throw a hula hoop over a target, you can get creative with these.

Water Wednesday:

Break up your week with a day of camp activities infused with watery fun. You might have a sprinkler obstacle course on the way to swim time or give your counselors squirt guns to distract players from their 9 Square in the Air game. 

Thursday Throwdown:

 Have campers and counselors go head-to-head in a series of games and challenges, from tug-of-war to dodgeball. Finish with an all-out 9 Square in the Air game and see who can stay in the longest—campers or counselors?

Thursday Throwdown:

This theme day works best if you own the Deluxe NEON game set from 9 Square in the Air. Invite campers to wear neon or bright white clothing and set up a glow party, complete with glow-in-the-dark 9 Square in the Air. It’s an unforgettable way to end your week together.

Ready to plan a week of fun and unique camp activities? Order your 9 Square in the Air game and get started on an experience that your campers will talk about all year long.