Group of students playing 9 Square in the Air indoors with other activities in the background.

When spring brings warmer weather, it also brings unpredictability. You might have weeks where you never see the sun! That doesn’t mean you have to forego fun until the threat of spring showers has passed. An indoor games event may be what everyone needs to get through the dreary days.

Here are some great options, and of course, every one includes 9 Square in the Air as your foundation for a good time:

9 Square in the Air Tournament:

Let’s begin with the obvious. Organize a 9 Square in the Air tournament and invite all of your friends. They’ll be so happy to burn some energy and bring some excitement to their day with the anticipation of a tournament. You can organize your tournament teams around a variety of themes.

  • Have each team dress up as the cast of a favorite movie or TV show. Award prizes for the most convincing, the most creative and the laziest attempt at costumes.
  • Depending on how many teams you have, you could assign them different regions of the party room or gym where your tournament will be held. Let them decorate in their chosen color scheme or to fit their team name.
  • Think about assigning each team a decade. Have them come dressed for that decade and even try out a few catchphrases from their era during play.

Bring the Outdoors In:

9 Square in the Air isn’t the only game that works well both indoors and out. Set up 9 Square in the Air, but add in other stations where outdoor fun works well:

  • Cornhole: Not only does it work well inside, but it is also a game where it doesn’t matter your age or skill level; anyone can play!
  • Sidewalk Chalk: If your indoor games event includes kids, roll out butcher paper or black posterboards and let kids do sidewalk chalk as one of your stations.
  • Don’t forget the snacks! Springtime is when everyone starts getting in the mood for those summer treats like popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, popcorn and cotton candy. Think about including some warm weather snacks.

Beach Party:

For those who don’t mind just a little clean-up after a good round of indoor games, you can create the ultimate indoor beach party. Set up 9 Square in the Air as your central point of play, but add in other beach favorites:

  • Bring in a child’s swimming pool and fill it with sand. Include buckets, shovels and sieves so that kids can play just like they are at the beach. You may want to put a large tarp under the pool to contain the sand and avoid a big mess.
  • What’s a beach day without volleyball? This is a game that has some similarities to 9 Square in the Air, so it could be a great option if you have a large guest list and you need multiple big-group games.
  • Bring along some beach party tunes and set up a dance area with karaoke. Guests can sing along with the Beach Boys and Katrina and the Waves while they hang out with friends.

Ready to get your indoor games event started? Contact us to order your 9 Square in the Air and your party is practically planned!