Large group playing 9 Square in the Air outside a hotel.

Did you get tapped to organize the family reunion this summer? This is your chance to make history with the most effective family reunion in your relatives’ memory. The answer? Choosing outdoor games that bring everyone together, get them laughing and having fun across all generations!

It all begins with 9 Square in the Air (or 4 Square in the Air too). This game is easy to transport to the site of your reunion and it takes just a few minutes to set up. Any age can play, and all ages can play together. And the best part is, everyone will be laughing and connecting as they play the game. 

There are so many ways to play 9 Square in the Air, and some are particularly good for a family reunion:

Generational Match: 

Organize a game that gets generations facing off against one another. Have fun prizes for the winning age group, such as a traveling family trophy or a picture of the winning team with the trophy.

Go With Your Theme:

Does your family reunion have a theme? Set up your outdoor games to match, with 9 Square in the Air played in a way that works with your plans. It could be a Hawaiian luau, favorite sports team or celebrating the decade your grandparents got married. Encourage everyone to get into the theme with their clothing and hairstyles and bring themed decorations and snacks.

Sprinkler Spots:

Position sprinklers so that they are coming up from under the players. Mix up the types and strength of the water flow so that players have the added challenges of unexpected blasts of water as they play.

Brush Up on Family History:

Create a list of family trivia and ask participants to answer a question before each serve. Dig deep for fun questions that will surprise your relatives and keep them talking as they play. 

Team Chants:

Before you begin your outdoor games, give each team ten minutes to come up with a chant or cheer. It will get everyone into the spirit of competition and include a little taunting for all of the different events you plan throughout the day.

Decorate Your Squares:

Before your reunion, ask each relative to provide a little-known fact about themselves. Maybe they have a special talent or were an extra on an old television show, for instance. 

Attach the clues to the square sections with painter’s tape. As your relatives play, they can try to guess the answer to the clues on the square they are playing in. Depending on the number attending your reunion, you may have multiple clues in each square.

The good news is that you’re about to host the most memorable reunion your family has ever attended. The bad news is that you’ll probably be in charge again next year. That’s what you get for being so fun! Contact us to order your 9 Square in the Air set, and you’ll be ready for a fantastic reunion!