Get your community focused on fitness with a fun run that ends with 9 Square in the Air.

If you’ve been planning community events for 2024, why not include a Community Fitness Month? This easy-to-plan schedule will do more than just get your community thinking about fitness. It will also build connections and camaraderie among your residents. Here are some ideas:

Map Out a Route:

Talk to some seasoned runners in your area to map out good routes for walkers, runners and cyclists. Post the routes on social media and in community centers. With a planned course, residents will be more likely to get on their bike or lace up their running shoes if they know how long the route is and that it’s the best setting for their preferred fitness activity.

Along with these new routes, consider posting short strength training or stretching exercises at intervals. Have all three routes end at the same location and, on the weekend, you can set up 9 Square in the Air for a fun, connection-building activity.

Introduce a Challenge: 

Can you entice your community members to exercise for 30 minutes every day, for 30 days straight? A Community Fitness Month could be organized as a challenge, with plenty of ideas for how your residents could get their 30 minutes logged. Maybe you have a community center where you could set up a 9 Square in the Air or a volleyball net or hold some exercise classes.

Schedule a Fun Run:

Holding a 5K race is a great way to build community fitness. You can organize it to benefit a community resource, such as your local library. Think about offering a 1-mile loop for those with young children and plan some activities for after the race as your runners come through the finish line. Provide healthy snacks, like bananas and granola bars, play some fun music and set up your 9 Square in the Air to keep the party going.

Family Fitness:

Schedule a Family Fitness Day, with field games and relay races that accommodate a wide range of ages. 4 Square in the Air is ideal for this kind of event because it can be played by all ages, all skill levels and fits perfectly in your yard. It’s also a great way to take a break between organized activities. Finish out your Family Fitness Day with silly photos and a healthy smoothie station.

You can probably see that every community fitness activity is made more fun and effective with 9 Square in the Air. To order yours, contact us at 9 Square in the Air!