9 Square in the Air makes the perfect gift for a youth pastor, school principal or the head of a nonprofit.

Hard to Wrap, Easy to Give: The Fun of Giving 9 Square in the Air for Christmas

The best gifts in life are impossible to wrap: a hug from a three-year-old, the family all home together for the holidays, your new Lexus in the driveway. Now you can add 9 Square in the Air to that list, because while wrapping may be a trick, it is so much more than your typical gift!

It’s fun. It’s connection. It’s a go-to icebreaker, activity and game.

9 Square in the Air is the ideal gift for nearly everyone on your list. Let’s talk about a few ways you can spread joy this season:

Your Youth Pastor:

With a limited budget and a lot of youth looking for ways to have fun and connect, your youth pastor is the ideal recipient for this gift. You may have a little money left over in your church budget or there may be a group of parents or even a small group at your church that is looking for a way to give. Point them to 9 Square in the Air and what it brings to your youth group:

  • It’ an easy-to-learn game that breaks down barriers and promotes connection.
  • All ages can play, so it’s harder for seniors to pummel the sixth graders. 
  • It’s easily transportable to any level surface, inside or out.

Your Principal:

Is your PTA deciding what to do with leftover funds at the end of the year? The answer is a shiny new 9 Square in the Air game presented to your principal before the Christmas break. You’ll love the way your entire school of kids will go crazy with excitement to see them unwrap a 9 Square in the Air. There are so many reasons 9 Square in the Air makes a perfect gift for a principal:

  • It rounds out every school activity, from picnics to graduation.
  • It gives physical education teachers a backup plan that is always ready.
  • It can be played by kids of all abilities and age levels, making it fun for everyone.

Your Local NonProfit:

Any nonprofit that serves children would be thrilled to receive a 9 Square in the Air game. From an after-school program to an organization that serves at-risk kids, this is a fantastic way to give a 9 Square in the Air. It will benefit a nonprofit in several ways:

  • 9 Square in the Air helps kids connect with adults in a fun setting.
  • It provides a great “filler” activity for when groups need to use up just a few minutes.
  • It adds fun to any event or meeting.
    For more information about 9 Square in the Air, including tips for wrapping it and fitting it under the tree, contact us today