Group Playing 9 Square in the Air at a party

It’s block party season and you’ve been tasked with planning this year’s best summer event. But don’t worry! 9 Square in the Air is all you need to set the tone for fun connections and a party that nobody wants to leave. 

Here’s how you do it:

Start With 9 Square in the Air (or 4 Square in the Air):

 Not only is it a great game, it also gives your block party a focal point. Everyone can play, whether they are 9 years old or 90, and it takes just a few seconds to learn the rules. You’ll find that your neighbors end up laughing and talking as they play and they will keep coming back to this game between BBQ, greeting new arrivals and other activities.

Add in Food With a Social Spin:

Sure, you could just provide the burgers and dogs, but what if you organized the refreshments to foster connection? Try one of these ideas:

  • Set up an outdoor pizza oven, and have neighbors make their pies at a large round table, perfect for visiting while they craft the perfect pizza.
  • Hold a dessert contest, allowing all of your neighbors to compete for the best baker on the street.
  • Organize a World Famous potluck, in which every neighbor brings the dish they think they should be known around the world for making.

Make Something Together:

Maybe it’s painting a mural or planting a row of flowers all the way down the street. It might be making tie-dye shirts that are pre-printed with your street or neighborhood name. These kinds of activities add a unique identity to your neighborhood. Even a massive chalk design on the street is a way to say, “This is who our neighbors are,” to build connections in your area.

Start a Tradition:

Finish the block party with a talent show, a water balloon fight, a karaoke singalong. Whatever it is, make it fun and memorable, with plans to repeat the event next year. Again, this is a way to build community identity and connections among your neighbors.

Keep the Fun Going:

Leave 9 Square in the Air assembled as long as you can and invite your neighbors to linger. The scheduled activities might be winding down, but there’s plenty of fun and conversation for those that want to stay just a bit later.

Ready to get your block party planned? If you’re on the hook for the neighborhood bash, contact us at 9 Square in the Air. We’ll have your set on its way soon!