"9 Square in the Air" 

Set-up Instructions

There are many ways to set up 9 Square in the Air!  It's easy with just 2-3 people, or you could include more from your group!  

Checkout the video below from one of our customers setting up a Deluxe Game Set in only 3 minutes.

1.) The group placed the connectors in their proper place on the ground.  The 3-way connectors will be at the corners of the game.  There are two 4-way connectors on each side of the game, and the four 5-way connectors are in the middle of the game structure.

2.) The cross bars are then added to join all of the connectors.

3.) The group works together to raise the grid and add the legs, adjusting them to their desired height.  

Can you spare 3 minutes to set-up some fun?

3-minute Set-up!