Bring the fun of recess to your gym or rec center with indoor games like 9 Square in the Air.

When your grounds are covered in ice or the wind chill factor has dipped to dangerous levels, it’s a good idea to have some active indoor games ready. There are good reasons to prioritize movement for kids:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 60 minutes of physical activity each day for children, a goal that can be difficult to reach in the winter months.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics joins the CDC in recommending 20 minutes of recess for children. 
  • Regular physical activity is associated with better academic outcomes.

In some school settings, there are limited resources for providing a physical outlet during the winter months, so indoor games may be required to stay in the classroom. But for those that may have a gymnasium or cafeteria available, here are some options:

9 Square in the Air:

This is the best indoor game that provides a wealth of benefits to students. Not only are they getting active, but they also tend to build connections with classmates while they play. This translates to better relationships in the classroom.

Relay Races:

There’s no limit to the types of relay races you could do during a winter recess. From crab walking down a length of your gym to having students race to throw a hula hoop over a target, you can get creative with these.

Obstacle Course:

Turn almost anything into an obstacle for kids to navigate as they make their way across your cafeteria or gym. Have them swerve in and out of traffic cones, climb over some exercise mats and hop along a series of lines. They could also stop at stations where they complete a set of exercises before they move on. 

When the weather prevents your students from going outside, you don’t have to play the same old indoor games. With a 9 Square in the Air ready, you’ve always got a good start on a great indoor recess. Consider these additional benefits:

  • It can be set up indoors or outdoors in a matter of minutes
  • It is stored in three easily transportable bags
  • It’s easy to play and easy to learn
  • Kids of all ages and skill levels can play together and it is adjustable to different heights

This year, your students will cheer when teachers announce it’s too cold to go outside. Order your 9 Square in the Air before the temperatures begin falling and you’ll have the whole school hoping for a cold snap.