Fun activities help employees connect and add more perspective to their work experiences.

Why Your Workplace Needs Some Fun

As more and more employers welcome their teams back into the workplace, it can be hard to get into the routine of being all together, all the time. For many companies, there’s a need for new rituals and fun activities to bond teams. 

Why should you incorporate these kinds of rituals? According to research by Harvard Business School’s Michael Norton, performing a group bonding activity tends to lead to happier employees that find their work meaningful and are willing to invest more in their jobs. 

The ritual can be elaborate, such as going out to the favorite local barbecue restaurant for an after-work celebration every time you hit a company goal, or it can be simple, fun activities like gamifying anything from sales numbers to water consumption. 

There’s one activity that you might find dwarfs all others in terms of the benefits it offers your team. 9 Square in the Air is uniquely suited for fostering the kind of team dynamics any employer would value. Take a look:

It’s Portable

You can set up the game anywhere in minutes, then take it down and store it again after you play.

It’s Easy to Learn

No complicated rules or time-consuming instructions.

It Builds Connections

9 Square in the Air breaks down barriers between people. They laugh and connect while they play, burning energy that reduces stress.

It Levels Hierarchies

Even when sharing a meal or joining a happy hour, it can be hard to forget your place in the pecking order. But in fun activities like 9 Square in the Air, positions and titles are of no value. Athletic ability doesn’t count for much; it’s a democratic game that works well for all ages and skill levels. 

It Fits Other Traditions

Your annual company cookout. The corporate picnic. Even your holiday party. They’re all settings where you can include 9 Square in the Air as an opportunity for casual fun.

If you’re trying to build a company culture that bonds over some meaningful rituals, make 9 Square in the Air one of the fun activities that characterizes your work experience. Contact us to learn more about this exciting, portable game that’s fantastic for building connections.