Your summer camp offers a place for good connections for kids, especially with 9 Square in the Air.

Summer Camp Is Awesome. Make Yours the Awesome-est! 

The trees are bare, cold temperatures are settling in and summer camp seems so long ago already. But next year’s camp will be here soon and it’s a critical time in your calendar. After all, it’s the planning you do right now that will make your camp an unforgettable experience for kids. 

Think About Your Campers

When you are deep in planning season, it’s a good idea to stop and think about the reasons kids come to camp. There are many, but some of the top reasons include:

  • They want an adventure.
  • Their parents need a safe, fun place for them to spend some time.
  • They want connections with new friends.

Thinking through what kids want out of camp is a good way to shape your planning. You might even decide to overhaul your activities to match the priorities of the kids. 

In most cases, remembering your campers will lead to at least a few changes to make it more fun, with more connections with new friends. Here are a couple of ideas for making sure it’s your camp that they ask for first next summer:

Make it About Connection:

A lot of camps are heavy on activity, light on connections. Don’t miss this opportunity to foster amazing friendships at camp. How do you do it? 

Our game in particular, 9 Square in the Air, is designed for connection. Kids can’t help smiling and laughing together, getting to know one another as they play this easy-to-learn game. You can use 9 Square in the Air as a scheduled activity, but it also makes a fantastic filler when you realize you have ten minutes of unplanned time or a group finishes an activity early.

You can think of 9 Square in the Air as the glue that begins to stick kids to one another through fun connections. You can even use it as your icebreaker as kids arrive, allowing them to immediately get comfortable at camp and start to make friends. Then, use it throughout the week to keep your campers engaged. 

Amplify the Anticipation: 

Consider going to extremes with registration. Have it open even before you think it’s reasonable. Parents begin to feel an urgency to plan their kids’ summers as soon as the holidays are past. If you have registration open by January 1, you might be surprised to find that your summer camp fills right up. 

The benefit to kids is that they know they can look forward to fun at your camp all throughout the spring! 

Make it Unique:

You know your camp has something special. Have you ever put it into words? Maybe you take the campers on an epic hike that ends with a night sleeping under the stars. Or maybe your counselors go through an intense training that equips them for making fantastic connections with campers. You might have a bonfire tradition with all-you-can-eat s’mores that is legendary.

Knowing what is special about your summer camp and talking about it often helps you turn it into an adventure for your campers! 

No matter what kind of camp you’re running, it will be better with 9 Square in the Air. The game adds more fun, more connection, more excitement to camp. Contact us to find out how to get yours in time for next summer!