Banish first-day-of-school nerves with easy PE activities that help kids connect.

Say Goodbye to First-Day Jitters With These Three PE Activities 

It’s the first day of school, and you’ve got two dozen nervous students staring you down, wondering what you’ve got planned. Will they have to scramble to find a partner? Run laps? 

Maybe you’re not quite ready, either. Whether it’s your first day in a new position or you simply were wishing for more time on the beach, anybody can be a victim to first-day jitters. Unless you’ve got three PE activities designed to put everyone at ease and even give you a relaxing first day, that is! 

At 9 Square in the Air, we are all about having fun, getting active and making connections. Here are three of our favorite ways:

3-2-1 Go!

Step One: In this first step, you’ll randomly pair up students and then assign them to come up with three unique things they have in common. This might be that they both read the same book or went canoeing over the summer, not that they are both in 3rd grade. 

Step Two: Now have each pair join up with another pair and find two unique things they all have in common. Maybe they all took swimming lessons or shopped at the same store for school supplies.

Step Three: Finally, have foursomes pair up to make eight and come up with one unique thing they all share.

Easy Variation: Limited on time, or just want to make it really simple? Have students stand on a line and then call out options such as chocolate or vanilla, swimming or biking, reading or watching TV. They’ll stand on either side of the line, depending on their preferences and quickly see how much they have in common with their classmates.

Name Game

There are many versions of the Name Game, but this one is themed for PE activities. Have the students stand in a circle, then each student steps forward and says their name, followed by their favorite physical activity. As you add students, continue going back to the beginning to say each student’s name and their activity.

To make it easier to memorize, have kids do a motion that illustrates their activity. A student that loves to jump rope for exercise could mimic jumping rope. A soccer lover could do a quick kick and a ballet enthusiast could pirouette. As kids recite names, don’t be surprised if they, too, start doing the motions!

9 Square in the Air

Of all the PE activities that foster connections between kids while having a lot of active fun, 9 Square in the Air is among the best. Kids of all ability levels can participate, making it a game that brings everyone together on the first day. They will have such a good time that they will forget they are exercising, and by the time PE class is over, they’ll be much more comfortable with you and with one another. 

No school is complete without 9 Square in the Air. It’s great to include in your PE activities, but it’s also a welcome addition to any school event, from block parties to picnics. It’s easy to set up in minutes, so you can use it indoors during PE class, then move it outside for recess.

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