When designing your camp activities schedule, be sure to include team-building games.

Plan Team-Building Camp Activities for Next Summer

As you’re gearing up for the next season of camp, take a moment and think over past years. When you consider your camp activities, are they accomplishing the goals you’ve established? 

If you haven’t had a specific focus on teamwork and team-based games and activities, it may be time to increase this aspect of your camp. Not sure it’s that big of a deal? Here are four key areas of character development you’ll support with a team-focused game like 9 Square in the Air:

Social Skills: 

When playing a team game like 9 Square in the Air, campers get a keen sense of their role in the game. If they are in the center, they know they will have to serve, but every square has its area of responsibility. As they wait their turn to get into the rotation, they’ll have the opportunity to encourage other players and talk with those in line. 

These skills are crucial for growth, giving each child an understanding of sharing responsibility with their team and the important role they play either in the game or in supporting those in active play.


As kids join in a team-building game like 9 Square in the Air, they develop a feeling of belonging. Teammates may cheer when they succeed in a difficult play, or they may gain perspective when they see that a miss is quickly forgotten. Participating in team-building games helps campers gain confidence in their contribution to the overall outcome. 


A quick-moving game like 9 Square in the Air may obscure the critical decision-making skills that are developing during play. The low-pressure setting gives campers a chance to see how their decisions play out and helps them gain comfort so that decision-making becomes more natural to them. 


Everyone misses now and then. 9 Square in the Air is ideal for building empathy in kids because there are so many opportunities to miss, recover and get back in the game. They get a chance to see how it feels to miss, how their fellow campers bounce back from a miss and how to effectively encourage one another to get back in the game.

The beauty of these benefits is that they extend far beyond the game. As your campers are in your care, it’s so rewarding to see them growing through team-building camp activities. 

And it doesn’t hurt if you can have fun while you’re at it. Contact us at 9 Square in the Air to learn how you can include the ideal team-building game in your camp activities this season.