Preparing PE games that include students of all abilities helps make class fun for everyone.

PE Games for Kids of All Abilities

Equipping your classes for success in physical education means having PE games that can be adapted for kids of all abilities, but it also starts with the right approach. Before you get to game time, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your class accessible to all:

  • Use a people-first approach, opting to use language such as “my student with autism,” rather than “an autistic student.”
  • Consult with specialists, including PT, OT, speech therapists and other experts in your building that may have helpful suggestions.
  • Consider setting up both a quiet station, where kids can take a break from the excitement, and a movement station, where kids with extra energy can bounce on a trampoline.
  • Have a conversation with students about inclusion, encouraging kids to contribute and buy in to an inclusive approach to PE games. 
  • Be ready to modify games, do games in partners or teams and adjust goals.

Now for the fun part. Here are a few inclusive PE games that can be adapted to include every student, regardless of ability level:

Warm-Up Dance:

Every PE class needs to warm up and stretch, but by setting warm up time to music and making it a dance, all movement is acceptable. If someone’s jumping jacks or lunge don’t look like everyone else’s, it’s just because they are getting groovy. Encourage kids to express themselves in a fun dance time and help everyone feel like they are part of the warm-up.

Obstacle Course:

Use trampolines, hula hoops and scooters for pulling one another in a team obstacles course. Pair kids up and watch them work together to get through the course, with adaptations ready for kids as they need them.

Balloon Polo: 

Use duct tape to mark off large goals on the far walls of your gym, blow up some balloons and get ready for an exciting game of balloon polo. Everyone will get exercise and experience the maddening fun of trying to make a balloon go where it’s told.


Soccer is a relatively easy game to adapt to different ability levels by using a foam ball or allowing players to use their hands. They might be required to walk instead of run, or the boundaries may be adjusted to make the game more playable for kids with mobility challenges.

9 Square in the Air:

This inclusive game is quickly becoming a staple for PE instructors that want to help all kids join in class activities. With an adjustable height and gameplay that allows kids of all abilities to participate, this portable and easy-to-assemble game helps kids all play together. 

Want to know more about 9 Square in the Air? We can wait to talk to you. Contact us to learn more about how 9 Square in the Air stands out among PE games as a way to include all children in the fun.