PE games like 9 Square in the Air are ideal for building connection and self-esteem in students.

Why The Best Curriculum Includes Group PE Games in the Rotation

In education, kids are constantly being evaluated on an individual basis, from reading levels to math scores. However, there are also benefits to group activities as a part of a child’s curriculum. It’s a great idea to incorporate some group PE games to round out students’ educational experience so that they can build up both their individual fitness and that of the overall group. 

9 Square in the Air is an ideal choice for PE class, because it gives kids a sense of their contribution to the group and helps them build connections. Let’s dig in a little deeper and explore some of the benefits of group PE games like 9 Square in the Air:

A Feeling of Belonging:

Even as kids work on their individual educational goals, it’s valuable for them to feel connected to their classmates. As they engage in group games, they get a chance to talk and laugh together. With 9 Square in the Air in particular, the game is intentionally designed to get kids engaging with one another as they play and even as they wait to get back in the rotation. 

The impact of building community is boundless. From feeling comfortable asking a classmate for help on a tricky math question to building social skills that carry to the classroom and playground, these connections are the building blocks of children’s friendships. 

Healthy Competition:

With PE group games like 9 Square in the Air, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to succeed. Whether it’s with a last-millisecond save or a few minutes dominating the center square, kids both get a chance to experience victory and see its fleeting quality in the game. 

What happens when kids play 9 Square in the Air is that they find that competition can be fun, healthy and light-hearted. And because kids of all ability levels can play 9 Square in the Air, the game gives kids that may not excel in other physical activities a chance to experience a winning moment. 

Contagious Fun:

You can’t scare an experienced teacher with a stomach bug, but even the most seasoned instructor hates to see the contagion of a bad attitude in their class. When your PE class has the opportunity to play 9 Square in the Air, the excitement and positivity will be catching. Everyone has to work together to keep the ball up in the air, and this cooperative spirit will spread through the group and carry back to the classroom.

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