Elementary age girl playing 9 Square in the Air using a walker.

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, 15% of the population meets qualifications for Persons with Disabilities? It’s clear that any physical education curriculum will need to include PE activities that allow all children to participate.

This also means that a lot of traditional games exclude a significant number of kids. You’re going to need PE activities that aren’t built primarily on athletic ability. You might be sad to trade basketball or soccer for a more inclusive game, but you’re about to trade up.

First, take a look at all of the fantastic reasons to make physical activity available to all students:

Deescalate Bullying:

UNESCO reports that students with disabilities were more likely than their peers without disabilities to be the victims of bullying. Physical education often amplifies the physical differences between students and may potentially escalate discrimination, but PE activities that can be enjoyed by all students, regardless of ability level, can mitigate the likelihood of bullying.

Boost Physical and Emotional Health:

Physical education reduces rates of obesity and depression in students, as well as improving self-confidence and critical thinking.

Strengthen Academics:

Students that participate in physical education enjoy 40% higher academic test scores when compared with children who don’t receive physical education.

You might be wondering where you can find this amazing PE activity! It seems impossible that there could be one game that reduces bullying, improves health and results in better test scores, all while making sure every student can participate.

9 Square in the Air Does it All

You may have played 9 Square in the Air or seen it at a community event or school. You may not have realized that hidden inside all of that fun game play were some fantastic benefits:

  • Kids of all ability levels can join in 9 Square in the Air. The game is adjustable for different heights, and it doesn’t require any specific athletic skill to participate.
  • It’s easy to learn and easy to play.
  • 9 Square in the Air sets up in a matter of minutes and is quickly moved to the gymnasium, parking lot or playground. It’s also easy to stash in a closet and comes with three storage bags. 

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that it’s so much fun. Your students will laugh and connect as they play, further strengthening your school community and reducing the likelihood of bullying. Kids will notice how much they have in common with one another, rather than what makes them different. 

When you’re looking for PE activities that bring your whole student body together, 9 Square in the Air is the perfect solution. To order, contact us today!