Can you play 9 Square in the Air backwards? It’s time to find out just how zany this game can be.

National Backward Day: You’ve Played 9 Square in the Air, but What About riA eht ni erauqS 9?

When you own 9 Square in the Air, any day becomes a holiday. And what better way to celebrate a minor holiday like National Backward Day (or, as we like to call it, yaD drawkcaB lanoitaN!) than with 9 Square in the Air?

Here’s how to have a little fun on January 31 with National Backward Day:

Get it On the Schedule:

January 31 falls on a Tuesday this year and it’s a great time to plan a winter event. People are getting the post-holiday winter blues and feeling a bit restless to get out. Plan a National Backward Day 9 Square in the Air game and pair it with a few wintry snacks. More on that in a minute. 

Communicate the Dress Code:

Encourage attendees to wear their clothing backwards, topping their look with a reverse hairdo, like a forehead ponytail or a braid that travels right to their nose. You could even require your guests to wear every item of clothing backwards.

Find Ways to Play Backwards:

9 Square in the Air is easy to play in any direction, so get creative with some backward ideas. Have people move through the line backwards, face away from the center, or even try keeping the ball up with their feet…anything ridiculous that won’t cause injury is worth trying.

Add in Other Activities:

From handstand contests to a backwards relay race, there are plenty of other backwards games you could try to fill out your evening. Kickball, line tag and dodgeball all get more interesting when players must go in reverse. 

Fuel Your Fun:

Try some backward-themed snacks, like cupcakes served upside-down or pizza that must be eaten crust-first. You could also serve a classic breakfast item at your evening event, such as pancakes or muffins. Try to get participants to drink from the opposite sides of their cups or speak their sentences in reverse while they eat together and visit. 

9 Square in the Air is a great start for any event, and it’s the perfect game for a holiday that serves as an excuse for a party. Contact us to get your 9 Square in the Air in time for your next gathering.