For a fun, wet version of 9 Square in the Air, try soaking a big Nerf ball and tossing it into the grid.

Mix it Up! Having a Ball with 9 Square in the Air

One of the benefits of 9 Square in the Air is that you don’t have to play it just one way. You can try a lot of different varieties, such as a soaking good time with sprinklers or as a get-to-know-you game, shouting the player’s name as they make a hit. Today, let’s explore the ways you can mix up 9 Square in the Air with different balls.

Oversized Balloons:

This is perfect if you’ve planned a game of 9 Square in the Air for the preschool set. A big balloon will slow the game down just a bit and allow it to bounce on the squares now and then so that little guys don’t have to be quite as ready to get the ball. If the crowd is a little older, try tossing a couple of balloons into the game.

Beach Ball:

Are you traveling with a school trip or taking your youth group to the shore? A beach ball is your perfect 9 Square in the Air solution because, unlike a lot of what you’ll be packing, it deflates and squashes into practically any spot in your suitcase. 

Nerf Ball:

Grab a spongey Nerf ball and soak it with water, then toss it in the grid for 9 Square in the Air. If you’re hosting a hot-weather event and realizing you’ll need ways to cool things down, this is your perfect solution to keep the fun going.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ball:

You may not have realized that in addition to the Deluxe 9 Square in the Air game, you also have the option to purchase the NEON Deluxe Game set. Whether you’re looking ahead to a winter lock-in, or you want to keep kids entertained late on a summer night, the NEON Deluxe Game will set the tone for a fun gathering.

The Classic:

Of course, it’s hard to beat the classic blue ball that arrives with your Deluxe Game! 

Whether you are wanting to mix things up to match your theme or you think it might add some additional excitement to your game, try a different ball in your 9 Square in the Air!

Looking to purchase your own 9 Square in the Air? We’re ready to help you make every gathering a party and every party unforgettable!