Games for kids are critical to education; children should have an opportunity to learn through action.

Games for Kids: Where Serious Learning Happens

Spelling bees. Trivia contests. Bingo and Heads Up, 7 Up. Learning through games is one of the best ways to help kids grasp a concept, and the best ones don’t even give kids a hint that they’re actually hard at work. That’s the secret of 9 Square in the Air, one of the best games for kids that teaches critical concepts—and they don’t even know they’re learning! 

Let’s walk through some of the benefits of games for kids, and for each one you’ll get a peek at what you can expect from including 9 Square in the Air in your rotation:

Reading Environmental Cues:

Beyond the game itself, students have a chance to perceive the facial expressions and interact with other children. They get an opportunity to read the mood of the group, understanding their role when energy is up and excitement is expressed versus how a loud voice or enthusiastic jumping may be received when the group is winding down. 

9 Square in the Air is a highly social game, giving children practice with social interaction, being part of a group effort and reading the cues they are getting from others in the game and those waiting to get back in the action. 9 Square in the Air even has what’s called “The Jerk Rule,” in which kids can’t invade the square of someone else. You can bet you won’t have to explain that one twice! 

Active Engagement:

Children have a wide variety of learning styles. They may hang back during a spelling bee, but become animated when it’s time to battle through multiplication drills. Or you may have a student that shies away from a kickball game but loves the action when there’s little pressure to perform.

9 Square in the Air gets kids up and active, without the individual pressure of performance. Kids that avoid being the center of attention will appreciate the ability to be a part of a big, fun game without requiring any specific athletic skills. 

Positive Engagement:

The best games for kids give them opportunities to learn skills in a positive setting. They feel supported and encouraged, they perceive that they have friends in the group and that others hope they will do well. Positive engagement comes when there is no fear of being excluded based on performance or that they may not be chosen when it is time to pair up.

If you’ve ever dreaded your turn at bat or cringed to hear the teacher announce team captains for a pick, you’ll love the democratic feel of this game. 9 Square in the Air moves quickly, giving children opportunities to rotate in, then take a turn waiting for a short period while others play. All the while, they are engaged in the action, cheering one another on in their group effort to keep the ball up.

Building social connections is one of the most critical aspects of learning, and using 9 Square in the Air as part of your educational games for kids will help your students advance quickly in this area. Contact us at 9 Square in the Air to learn more about our product.