Elementary age girl playing 9 Square in the Air using a walker.

When planning a game night, you may be picturing a quiet evening with friends gathered around Scrabble or Catan. It’s a cozy setting with a fire burning and some hot drinks on the stove.

These kinds of game nights appeal to many, and they can be a great way to get to know new people or combine groups of friends. But what if you wanted to create a game night that was a bit more exciting? 

Try combining board games and physical games to liven up your gathering!

Amp Up Game Night

For a game night that your friends will remember and beg you to host again, try changing things up with 9 Square in the Air as your foundation for fun. Mix in other traditional board games, like Monopoly, Ticket to Ride and other favorites, but add some more active games, as well:

9 Square in the Air: You could use 9 Square in the Air as a break from long-running board games like Monopoly, but it also makes for an ideal feature game. It’s a great game to include if you are bringing together groups of friends from different parts of life. Your buddies from work and your college roommates will be instant friends after a round or two of 9 Square in the Air.

Cornhole: This one requires slightly more physical activity than a board game. Cornhole is great because it allows for participants to visit while they play because it’s an easy game.

Life-sized Jenga, Checkers…Just About Anything: You could make a life-sized version of any board game, but some could get labor-intensive. For Jenga, you just need to cut some extra-large blocks of wood. For checkers, think about red and black paper hats that participants wear as they move around a chalk-drawn checkerboard, or one marked with tape on the floor. 

Grown-Up Kids’ Games: What was fun as kids is still fun as adults! Try musical chairs or hot potato to get your group laughing. This works great as a filler when things are winding down, but you want the fun to continue, or you could use one as an icebreaker at the start of the night. 

Set the stage for a fantastically fun game night by ordering your 9 Square in the Air set! Your friends will be asking you to make it a regular event.