To get your Christmas party started, bust out 9 Square in the Air and just add refreshments.

You’ve been tasked with planning your youth group’s Christmas party. While your initial reaction might be to feel stressed, once you remember that you’ve got 9 Square in the Air to get you started, the rest just falls into place. And it’s a good thing, because your shopping, decorating, and cleaning lists aren’t quite so easily conquered. Here are a few ideas to make sure at least one area of your Christmas season is easy!

The Two-Minute Movie:

Invite your youth to a two-minute movie viewing party in which they are the directors, actors, and producers! You can assign parodies of existing Christmas movies or have groups act out scenes from the Bible. Whatever they do, it must be under two minutes. And after the popcorn and viewing is over, 9 Square in the Air is the perfect activity.

The White Elephant:

You probably already do a white elephant exchange. It is a youth group staple, after all. But mix it up this year by having your youth choose a gift when they get out of the 9 Square in the Air game. If they get out multiple times, give them the option to switch their gift or keep the original.

The Thrifted Formal:

Take your 9 Square in the Air to new territory when you ask students to come in their best thrifted formalwear. They can come as fancy and formal as they like, but everything they wear is required to be under a certain budget, such as $10. Play 9 Square in the Air and watch the pearls and feathers fly.

Christmas PJ Glow Party:

Tell your youth to come in their cutest Christmas PJs, then play 9 Square in the Air. You may not realize that 9 Square in the Air comes in a NEON Deluxe Game, but it’s a lot of fun to create a whole party around this glow-in-the-dark theme.

Wrap ‘n Play:

Pair 9 Square in the Air with a service project, setting up a wrapping service for your church members or for the broader community. You could even volunteer to both shop and wrap for the residents of an assisted living facility that may find it challenging to get out during the holidays. 

Another service option is to head out into nearby neighborhoods, looking for homes that are still under a blanket of leaves. A rake-and-run event allows you to quickly clean up yards for those who may struggle to rake and bag leaves, such as elderly residents or a couple with a new baby. 

For all of these party ideas, it’s easy to pair pizza and soda or Christmas cookies and hot cocoa to round out your 9 Square in the Air game or tournament. 

Ready to get your Christmas party started? Contact us at 9 Square in the Air to get your game set in time for an unforgettable youth group party!