A basketball in the middle of a court with fans standing around the outside of the court.

You fill out your bracket. You watch a lot of basketball, probably eating a lot of junk food while you watch. And then, after the March Madness fog has lifted, you’ve seen some upsets, watched the Final Four and clocked a few too many hours on the couch. 

This year, get more out of March Madness with a 9 Square in the Air tournament. Incorporate basketball themes and brackets and watch as your participants make connections through play. Here are some ideas:

Create a Bracket:

If you’re organizing your tournament for a school, youth group, or community event, you may get enough teams to create a bracket. Have everyone participating fill one out and determine who they think is going to claim the 9 Square in the Air March Madness title.

Organize the Event to End with a Final Four:

With the new Four Square in the Air game, you can whittle your participants down to a Final Four, having them play it out until just one person is left. And if your group is a little smaller, the Four Square in the Air game may be all you need.

Represent the March Madness Teams:

At the beginning of the event, assign each player to represent one of the college basketball teams playing in the March Madness games. Have them decorate a plain white t-shirt with their best imitation of the team logo. Keep track of how many times each of the representative teams get “out,” using a running score to determine a winner.

Set Up Stations:

One of the great qualities of 9 Square in the Air is that it is perfect for combining with other activities. If you are planning for a large group, set up 9 Square in the Air, then also have a basketball hoop in another area, plus couches set up for watching basketball. You could also have a snack station. Determine how much time you want to give each group at each spot.

Focus on the Main Event:

Even if your event is scheduled for the purpose of watching a specific game, 9 Square in the Air is your ideal pre- or post-game activity, and it’s also perfect for halftime.

Don’t Forget the Delicious Details:

Your 9 Square in the Air tournament should have some special touches that let people know for sure that it’s a March Madness event. Bake some cookies decorated like basketballs and serve game-day snacks like nachos and hot dogs. Use light brown plastic tablecloths for long tables, then use markers to line them like a basketball court.

March Madness is here. So, fill out your bracket, gather up your friends and order your 9 Square in the Air game! Contact us today.