9 Square in the Air is one of the best group games for building intergenerational bonds.

Building Intergenerational Bonds with Group Games

In a culture where youthfulness is celebrated and even idolized, it can be easy to forget the benefits that come with age. Wisdom, experience and availability are just some of the priceless qualities of older generations that shine in an intergenerational community. How do you build one? You can begin with group games. 

Of course, you have to plan the right group games, because you might not attract a lot of seniors with kickball, and you may scare young ones away with bingo. You need something that everyone can play without fear of injury or boredom.

The answer is 9 Square in the Air. Take a look at the reasons why you should prioritize 9 Square in the Air and other group games for intergenerational bonds:

All Ages Can Play!

The game requires no special skills, so people of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the fun together.

It Offers Natural, Easy Connection.

It can be awkward to start a new friendship, especially when that potential friend seems so different than you because they are much older or younger. 9 Square in the Air eases that introduction, giving players a focal point from which they can laugh together and begin to realize they are not very different at all.

It Prevents “Otherness.”

Ageism often occurs because older members of the community are considered an “other.” This makes it easy to dismiss them and not form relationships. But the more your community connects across generations, the more people realize they have in common. The result is that some of the negative results of otherness, such as loneliness and elder abuse are prevented. 

It Works as a Springboard.

You might begin with 9 Square in the Air and other group games, then plan to have a time for snacks. The connections formed during the games will fuel conversations, giving the group the opportunity to build a deeper bond. 

It should be noted that simply setting up a 9 Square in the Air game won’t guarantee that intergenerational connection happens. You will have to be intentional to get things going. Here are ideas:

  • Challenge your group to see if you can get a representative from every decade in the grid, from the under-10 crowd to your very oldest player. 
  • Set up a music playlist that includes hits from every generation attending.
  • Consider a 1950s sock hop theme that celebrates seniors or set up snack stations with treats from different eras at each one. 

Get ready for some serious fun with group games, beginning with 9 Square in the Air. Contact us to get started on your order!