We’ve all seen or experienced the power of play within a family. When families play together they laugh, memories are made, inside jokes are formed, and bonds are strengthened. Why then is family time, and specifically time spent playing together having fun, often one of the first things that is set aside when our schedules become overcrowded? It is time to bring fun back to the family!  

August is National Family Fun Month!

We aren’t suggesting that you fill your schedule with more fun to-do’s this month, but simply look for ways to intentionally have fun together as a family. What does fun look like to your family?  

When our kids were young, my husband would just start counting and the kids would scatter and hide for a round of hide-and-seek. Because we created that fun tradition, the kids who are now teenagers still enjoy an unexpected game of hide-and-seek.  

Maybe your family enjoys playing board games together. Dutch Blitz was a card game we recently discovered, and its fast-paced craziness had all of us sweating and laughing by the end of the game.

Some families enjoy kicking a ball in the yard or throwing a frisbee. If you enjoy competition, have you tried playing some “Minute-to-Win-It” challenges as a family? This is something that works well for both small and large families.

“9 Square in the Air” is all about fun! For years people have told us how the game brings people together, helps people laugh and have fun. It’s a game that kids, teens, and adults can play together, which makes it a great family game. Imagine the fun your family could have on the driveway or in the backyard with your own “9 Square in the Air” game set. You could invite neighbors, friends, and other families over to join in the fun.

No matter how your family likes to have fun, we encourage you to pursue fun together as a family this August. Here at “9 Square in the Air,” we care about kids, and we want to see your family strengthened! Go have some fun!