It’s not easy to find a camp game for kids that allows everyone to participate with minimal instruction.

Are You Looking for the Perfect Camp Game for Kids?

Are you on the lookout for the perfect camp games for kids that can help you solve a number of challenges? First, you really need an icebreaker for the first day that kids actually want to play and can help them get acquainted. Then you need a game that bridges the few minutes of downtime between activities. You also need a camp game that works wells as a station in an activity rotation. And it would be great if it was adaptable for different ages and abilities. 

Whew-you need a lot of games! But what if you could accomplish all of these goals with just one game?

9 Square in the Air is the ideal icebreaker, it gives kids something they can’t wait to squeeze in between other activities and it will be their favorite station when it’s rotation time. It is even adaptable for various ages and ability levels. You’ll quickly see that it meets these requirements plus one that overrides all others: it’s FUN. 

It's an Icebreaker:

9 Square in the Air is the ideal camp game to get kids connecting quickly. As one camp director said of 9 Square in the Air, “It works like a charm to create engagement.”

One of the best parts about camp is that kids get to make new friends, but they may need some help getting started. 9 Square in the Air provides that help: “9 Square in the Air is one of the games our counseling staff often go to on day one of a session to get kids interacting with each other,” said another camp director.

It’s Easy to Squeeze in a Game Between Activities:

When one group finishes a little early or you are surprised to find that there is still 15 or 20 minutes before a meal, 9 Square in the Air is a ready solution. One camp described it this way: “9 Square in the Air allows for a perfect number of participants for cabins or teams to do something fun together, especially in the small windows between activities or before a meal.” 

It Will Be a Favorite Activity:

It only takes a couple of minutes to learn the game, and once they know it, your campers will be grabbing every chance they can get to play. That’s why a lot of camps include it as part of their set daily activities. As one camp described it, “9 Square in the Air is now a full session block for cabins to rotate through.” 

It’s Adaptable and Everyone Can Play:

One of the great qualities of 9 Square in the Air is rare among camp games for kids. It is easy to play for all ages and ability levels. Even when a person is waiting their turn, there’s no long period where a person is “out” or a big process of resetting a game. 

There are many options when you’re considering which camp game to add next to your programming. But not every game can offer all the benefits you’ll get with 9 Square in the Air. One camp director noted, “9 Square in the Air adds fun and flexibility to our programs and scheduling!” Contact us to learn more about adding 9 Square in the Air to your camp!