If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your family, set up 4 Square in the Air.

A New Kind of Fun: 4 Square in the Air

You may have noticed a new game showing up in driveways, backyards and parks. It looks like the 9 Square in the Air you know and love, but it’s smaller. It’s 4 Square in the Air, made by our team that brought you the ultimate party game. 

4 Square in the Air packs all the fun of 9 Square in the Air into a compact size, ideal for smaller gatherings, fun with your family or for those events where you’re planning big fun in a small space. 

This all-new game combines the classic 4 Square on the ground you played in elementary school with elements of volleyball to offer the best of both games. There are many reasons why people are loving 4 Square in the Air:

It’s perfect for connection:

Whether your kids are hitting a different stage or they simply often retreat to play video games, 4 Square in the Air provides a fun way for your family to connect without even trying! You’ll find that it’s easy to laugh and talk when everyone is focused on keeping the ball aloft.

You only need four players:

It can be hard to round up enough willing participants to play games like wiffle ball or volleyball, but with 4 Square in the Air, even the smallest gatherings can get a game going.

It fits in small spaces:

4 Square in the Air is perfect when you have limited space for a fun activity. At just 12 x 12 feet, it fits easily in a backyard or even on a large patio or driveway.

The fun is always ready:

Like the classic 9 Square in the Air game, 4 Square in the Air takes only a few moments to set up and learning the game is quick and easy.

Young kids play, too:

4 Square in the Air adjusts to three different heights, making it easy to adjust for different ages. Whether you’re hosting a preschool playdate or a college hangout, you’ve got a fun game ready.

It stores easily:

4 Square in the Air is designed to be easily stored in a convenient carrying bag. You can take it on vacation or to the park, then stow it in your trunk or a closet at home.

Ready to make your next barbecue, birthday party or sleepover an instant hit? Order your own 4 Square in the Air today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!