5 Qualities of Great Group Games

Coming up with games that large groups of people can all play together is extremely difficult and requires the creative juices to be flowing. Creating group games that can bring people together and be enjoyed by people of all ages is even more challenging. Many factors go into what makes a group game a good one.

This article will look at five of the main ingredients that make for a great group game. We will examine a few uniquely great group games and what makes them so good. Finally, I’ll discuss why 9 Square in the Air meets all of these requirements and is one of the best group games on the market.

1. Can be Enjoyed by People of All Ages and Ability Levels

One of the defining components of a great group game is that anyone and everyone can play it. The whole point of a group game is to take many different people with different gifts and abilities and join them together in gameplay. Devising unique games in this way is challenging because most games have aspects that cater more to the skills of certain people than others.

With every game, there are always going to be advantages for some and disadvantages for others. The more someone plays a game, the better they will get, and it could be difficult to integrate new players when they know they don’t have a chance to win. 9 Square in the Air is a game that everyone can play and perfect with a bit of practice.

No matter how old or young you are or how tall or short you may be, 9 Square in the Air is a game that is enjoyable for all. Group games are meant to bring people together and not tear them apart because they aren’t skilled enough to compete. No matter how athletic or talented you are, 9 Square in the Air is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

2. Has the Ability to Build Relationships and Bring People Closer Together

Another quality sought after with any group game is for relationships and friendships to be built during gameplay. Many group games involve rules that split game players up into groups or individually, and it’s every man for himself.

Group games should be designed to do more than just occupy people’s interests for a short time. The best group games should involve conversation and getting to know your competitors in the hopes of forming lasting bonds. Everyone wants to win when they play a competitive game, but I think we can all agree that relationships are more important than victory.

9 Square in the Air is unique in this way because there is a lot of conversation during gameplay and while waiting your turn in line. The ability to converse during gameplay is a unique feature as many group games like the ones mentioned above require working alone or quietly in order to win. With 9 Square in the Air, there’s bound never to be a dull or quiet moment.

3. Can be Played in Multiple Locations and During Any Season

Many outdoor group games can only be played during the summer months or when the weather is agreeable. Devising a group game that people can play indoor or outdoor and in many locations is very difficult. This factor is often one of the things that keeps a good group game from being a great group game.

The world is unpredictable, and depending on where you live, the weather can change in the blink of an eye. Having a group game that can be played at the ready no matter what the elements are like is crucial. 9 Square in the Air is unique because it can be played inside or outside, depending on your needs. You can even play this awesome game on different surfaces such as sand or snow. The flexibility afforded by 9 Square in the Air is second to none and puts it in a category above other group games that are more restricted.

4. Develops Teamwork and Comradery Amongst the Players

While there are many fun group games out there, few of them are designed to teach life skills to the players. Most group games are simply designed to distract their participants and keep them occupied for a while. Finding a group game with life skills and a deeper purpose within the activity itself is rare.

9 Square in the Air is a game that is based on individual abilities and is played solo, but some aspects involve teamwork and friendship. If the player in the middle is dominating the game, it may require the other participants to work together to replace him.

Setting up 9 Square in the Air will also require teamwork and communication to finish the task correctly and promptly. While one or two people can complete the job, like most things, setup will go much faster with more people helping. Expect to see some leadership qualities shown by those who take charge in getting the setup process done.

5. It must be a Fun Game That Doesn’t Lose Its Appeal Over Time

We’ve all had the feeling of playing a game so often that it loses its appeal and suddenly isn’t as fun as it used to be. One of the saddest things that can happen is when you decide to play a game containing nothing but good memories and finding that it just isn’t as enjoyable as it once was.

The good news about 9 Square in the Air is that it’s the type of fresh and new game every time you play it. If gameplay starts getting stagnant, you can make up new rules or play the game at a different height level than usual. It’s also a game that is easy to teach to new players. When new people learn to love a game that you already enjoy, it makes it even more fun to play.

Nostalgia and memories play a significant role in making a game enjoyable for an extended period of time, and 9 Square in the Air will have no shortage of that. Friends, family, and strangers getting to know each other can all learn to play and fall in love with 9 Square in the Air.


Great group games are few and far in between. Finding activities that many different types of people can enjoy together is not for the faint of heart. 9 Square in the air can be played by individuals of all ages and ability levels who may not have the same interests. It’s a game that’s bound to bring a smile to the face of all who participate.

9 Square in the Air can also be played anytime, anywhere, and in any type of weather. It also contains essential life skills that are developed and learned while having a ball. If you’re looking for a group game that can include everyone and doesn’t lose its appeal with time, then 9 Square in the Air is the game for you.