9 Square game bags

Replacement Bags for Deluxe Game (doesn't work with Connector Kits)

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*These bags are NOW INCLUDED with the Deluxe Game Set. If you ordered a Deluxe Game set after February 2013, the bags are part of the order already, and you do not need this product (unless you'd just like some really cool bags!). These durable bags are custom-made for your 9 Square in the Air Deluxe Game set! Perfect for storage and transport of your game! Each set comes with 3 carrying cases (1 for connectors, and 2 for pipe). Each loaded bag will weigh approximately 30 lbs. *If you purchased your 9 Square in the Air Deluxe Game Set before March 2012, please check your connectors to make sure they will fit in the connector bag. If each of the legs on your connectors measures approximately 4.5 inches long, your connectors will fit in the new connector bag. All pipe will fit in the bags, regardless of when your game set was purchased.

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