9 Square in the Air is great for kids of all ages!

Best Game for Kids of All Ages

Best Large Group Game for Children

Finding a great game for large groups of children can be challenging. Children need a game that is simple, easy-to-play, yet exciting. Even more challenging is finding a game that a large group of children can all play and get involved in at the same time. That’s why we made 9 Square in the Air, a game that anyone can play, even children. And now we'll tell you why.

Simple to Learn

Children don’t do well with complicated games. Introducing a complex set of rules will bore children and even discourage them from playing altogether. But 9 Square is so simple that even a children can learn it in minutes and play it for hours. In fact, for children already familiar with similar games like 4 Square, they will already have a good idea of how to play right from the start: simply keep the ball going from square to square until the ball goes out. It’s as simple as that. With a little direction, your large group of children will understand what to do and play it with ease.

Allows Many Children to Play at the Same Time

Many games can be difficult to adapt to large groups of kids. Even basketball and soccer can become a confusing mess of chaos if too many children are trying to play at the same time. But 9 Square can easily accommodate a whole crowd of children. Right from the first volley, nine kids will be playing, and every time a player is circulated out – which often takes less than a minute – a new player can step onto the court. Dozens of children can get the chance to play in mere minutes, and if the game goes on longer than you expected – and it will, because it’s fun – every child can play multiple times.

Not too Competitive

Children don’t always do too well with competition. They can be emotional and will get their feelings hurt if they feel they’ve made a big mistake, especially if they’re playing a team sport and their own team gives them a hard time about it. With 9 Square, there are no teams, so there’s no chance of child being shamed for letting his or her teammate down. And while 9 Square does have an element of competition— all fun games do, after all— 9 Square is fast-paced enough that making a mistake or getting out never seems like a big deal. 

9 Square is Safe and Portable 

Safety is crucial when you're dealing with children, and many games can be too rough for them. Even with soccer, a sport loved and played by some of the youngest children, there is a danger of tripping and falling, knocking heads, or even getting a ball kicked in the face. Football is out of the question for the little ones, and even softball can end with a bloody nose if the ball goes in the wrong direction. You’ll be happy to learn that 9 Square in the Air is one of the safest games children can play. With 9 Square, there's no need to run, and the players are spaced safely apart from one another (by the very nature of the game). Best of all, the children are all kept in one place, so you won’t need to constantly keep track of where the kids are on the field or what they’re doing.

Children always enjoy the novelty of being in new and different places. They like to be outside, at parks or in backyards, in the sand or in grassy fields, but many traditional games can’t come with you to all those places. We’re happy to tell you that 9 Square is portable, meaning that you can take it with you wherever you want to go, whether it's to a new park, an outdoor party, or even to a family camp. As long as you have room in your van or truck, 9 Square can come along for the ride. If you’re worried about going to a new place and not having something entertaining for your group of youngsters to do, then don't sweat it. 9 Square can be there to give them fun.

Easy to Set Up

Not only is 9 Square portable, it’s remarkably easy to set up. You can assemble the game in less than 10 minutes, and the set-up process is simple and intuitive. When it comes to entertaining children, the set up time is important. Children tend to get impatient quickly, and taking an hour to set up a big game can be more time consuming than the fun it affords. But with 9 Square the whole game will be ready to go in mere minutes, meaning the kids won’t get bored while you get everything ready. In fact, the kids may even want to get involved in the setup process; it's easy enough for them to help you put it together. And once it’s ready to go, they can jump right into the game.

Some games go right over a child’s head, literally. But thankfully, the height-adjustable nature of 9 Square allows you to bring the game down to their level. Of course, the 9 Square assembly should always be higher up than the players themselves— that’s part of the game, after all— but with 9 Square being adjustable down to 5 feet, most children can easily knock the ball up and over to the next square. And depending on the age and athletic ability of the children, you may also opt to raise it to 6 or even 7 feet (although 7 feet might be getting too high for the little ones). When it comes to games, we believe that height should never get in the way of having fun, and that's how we designed 9 Square.

In our own experiences with 9 Square, we've seen the excitement and joy on a child's faces when he or she is able to get together with a friend and watch the ball fly back and forth. We know you’ll have the same experience when you and your children play it, too. So for children, it’s game on!